Children’s Party Themes

So it’s that time of the year again where it is time for your child’s party. While some of the time they will go ahead and tell you exactly what they want, other years you are scratching around for ideas and trying to think of what kind of theme you could run with. Well here […]

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Baby First Birthday Ideas

Baby’s first birthday can feel like a huge milestone and to make it to one is a long time and a big deal. However, it can seem a bit strange organising a big party. What alternatives are there to a big loud birthday bash which might be too loud and too long for your little […]

Foods to Avoid for a Baby

When you’re thinking of weaning your baby and starting to give them foods, there are various things to avoid. Here are a few of the biggest ones to avoid and the reasons why. Sugar is just something babies do not need. They are empty calories and don’t provide baby with any goodness at all. They […]



Baby Shower Party Ideas 1

When you are thinking about holding a baby shower, either for that special friend or yourself, it can be hard to think about what kind of activities to do. After all, your average party might well include drinking alcohol, eating a heavy meal, going out until late, dancing or all of the above and it’s […]

Do-It-Yourself Holiday Decorations for Baby’s Room and More

Holiday decorations are gorgeous additions to a baby’s room and indeed your entire home. However, buying decorations can be costly and the likelihood is that you might only use them once. Making decorations is so easy, low cost and most of all fun. Here are a few ideas for decorations: Paper chains – in pastel, […]


Choosing a Crib for a Baby

Choosing a crib is one of those essentials when you think about your baby. There are lots of different items you can choose, so it is hard to know where to start. First, think about the space you have and what you want the crib to do. You may wish to choose a crib that […]



Christenings and baptism Baby Gifts

Christenings and baptisms are a very important day for every child and their parents. They are special and to be remembered always. If you are going to a christening or baptism then you will want to make sure you have a lovely gift to give the child to help them celebrate their special day. One […]

Baby Skin Care Advice

You might have heard that a baby’s skin is incredibly sensitive and you need to take a lot of care of it? Well coming into the outside world can be a real shock to a baby’s skin. After all, until that time, the baby’s skin has been completely protected in its mother’s cocoon. The truth […]



How to Assemble an Adorable Gift Basket for Your Next Baby Shower

A friend who is going to have a baby is such a magical thing. There is no doubt that you’ll want to think carefully about both mom and baby and ensure that your gift basket is something really special. Consider the following things in: A personalized baby blanket is just about the most special thing […]